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Installation and availability


The latest version of APBS can always be downloaded from here. APBS is available in both source code form and binaries for a variety of architectures.


Several installation options are available for APBS; however, binary installation is the preferred mechanism.  Please visit the pages below to learn more about each installation type.

APBS directory structure

The APBS installation process (whether compiled from source or installed as pre-compiled binaries) will create several directories under ${APBS_PREFIX}:
  • bin -- where the main apbs binary resides
  • share -- contains the documentation (user guide, tutorial, programmer's guide) as well as a number of examples and test cases for APBS
  • include -- contains header files for using APBS libraries with other applications
  • lib -- contains library files for using APBS libraries with other applications
  • tools -- which contains a number of "helper" applications for use with APBS.
At this point you are ready to use APBS; either by calling the binary directly or adding the above directory to your path. As mentioned above, there are also several tools provided with APBS that remain in the APBS directory; these are described in later portions of this manual. You may wish to copy these to a global location (or the same place as your APBS binary) at this time.